Journal Critiques are to be written in the 3rdperson; the critique must be paraphrased, and it…

Below are the guidelines that I must use for my journal critique. I have attached the article as well as a guide to use.

Journal Critiques are to be written in the 3rdperson; the critique must be paraphrased, and it should be rare that quotes are used. Follow the format given in the syllabus. This matrix is given to help you develop your narrative after reading the article several times. Do not use the abstract, use the information in the article. The abstract is helpful in selecting your experimental research article. Use this form to take notes from the article and use these notes to write the critique. It is not advisable to write directly from the article.

Notes Professional Citation: List full reference citation in APA format.

Introduction / Problem:Paraphrase the problem or issue that the researcher(s) has identified; Identify any terminology that needs to be explained to the reader, and define according to the researcher/author.

Introduction/ Purpose: Paraphrase the purpose/goals/objectives of the study. Paraphrase and summarize the research question or hypothesis (es). Summarize the logic that leads to the author’s belief that the study is relevant and justified.

Methodology: Describe the general research methodology used (e.g., quantitative versus qualitative or mixed method). Describe the demographics of the population that was studied.

Summarize the procedures that were taken to conduct the study.

Findings/Results:Paraphrase and summarize the findings based on the stated problem, and purpose, of the study.

Discussion: Give the, “so what?” of the findings.

Explain what the findings mean based on the problem/issue and purpose of the study.

Implications for Counseling or Education (select one);Staying in the 3rd person state what you believe are the implications for your professional field. What do we learn? What is gained from the findings? What could be improved in the field based on the findings?

Recommendations:First, summarize the limitations of how the study was conducted. Based on these limitations, what are the author’s recommendations and what are your recommendations. How can the study be improved.

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