?Job Analysis Assignment

There are many different jobs available in the public health sector. Some of these require a MPH, some require a bachelor?s degree, and others require a doctorate. Some of these jobs do not require experience while others need several years serving in an advanced role. The types of jobs vary greatly and there are many different places to search for these jobs. Putting this all together can certainly be challenging. By the end of the Job Analysis, you should have a better idea of what types of jobs are available, where they are located, salary, requirements of the job, and requirements to be considered for interview. These come in many shapes and sizes and names which can make this a challenging task.

1. Look for at least 2 high quality websites that provide available public health jobs. There are

dozens available so try to choose the most useful two (identify these in your paper).

2. Review the descriptions of the jobs that come up during the search. Refine your search by

using keywords such as ?Administration? ?Epidemiology? ?Health Education? ?Occupational

Health? etc. After doing this, describe the variations that you notice when you search

generically versus specifically. What does the job market look like for each major? What

portion of the available jobs specify an area?

3. What are some of the most common requirements for jobs and how does this vary by


4. What are the salary ranges that you found and how does this vary by position?

5. How are these jobs distributed across the country? (Or internationally)?

You will select two jobs that are currently available that you will be qualified for after you earn your MPH. You will provide a brief (one paragraph) description of why each of the jobs would be of interest to you. After each paragraph, paste the actual job description (and web address of where the job is posted). This will equal 2 job descriptions with rationale of why you would be interested. Then, you will choose one of those two jobs and write a cover letter as if you were applying for the position. You will update your resume and include that with the cover letter.

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