Jammu Essay Part 2

(2nd part. same topic just connect it to the essay)

5) Assess all the domestic and/or international threats and opportunities that would help harm your actor in their way to success. Examples of domestic threats include lack of unity due to ethnic, religious, ideological divisions in public. Fronting a powerful military alliance would be an example of an international threat whereas being a member of a military alliance could be an opportunity.

6) What kind of instruments/methods/tools are available to achieve their goals?

7) Identify the best theory that will help you analyze and explain the event. Give a brief explanation of the theory including, how it views the international system, the assumptions it operates on; levels of analysis, and dynamics.

* The theoretical perspective you can utilize are Realism, Liberalism/Pluralism, or Economic Structuralism.

8) Make a theoretically informed argument about the most powerful influences state (and other actors, as relevant) behavior during this event

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