Jaime, a nine-year-old kid living nearby is the youngest son of a couple namely Cel and Eugene. He..

Jaime, a nine-year-old kid living nearby is the youngest son of a couple namely Cel and Eugene. He has 4 siblings who are of a large age gap with him, somewhat around 7, to be exact. The boy is fond of racing cars, playing basketball, “hide and seek” and interactive games with his neighbors and cousins living near their compound. Since his siblings are from different levels, that three of them are already in college, he finds company with other young boys in town like for Aldrin and Benedict. His parents try to understand him since they could not provide the boy with the things he needed like for material things and also the time.

Looking at the situation of the young boy, it can be said that, reading and analyzing his family background, he needs some attention from the parents and he finds it in the presence of his friends and playmates. For some other kids who are lacking for attention, they might bully other children or might really someone who seeks attention badly by acting strange or hitting others. But the kid is just hyperactive on play time and he pays attention on his class, studies well on weekends before going to sleep and do household chores like washing the dishes when his sisters are not at home. Therefore the kid is a normal kid, without having attention deficit disorders and some bullying attitudes that might be evident for young people who do not receive adequate time and attention.

The parents are lucky though to have inculcated good breeding with their son who in turn realizes at his young age the essence of behaving properly outside the house. Having a lot of different friend from different families, the boy might be affected for some point, that he can adapt their attitudes. But it never came to a point that the family had some trouble with Jaime.

Like most of the children who have problems for concentration, I think it would not cost the family much for treatments and sessions with a psychiatrist who treats ADHD and the like for kids at Jaime’s age. From the article of Richard R. Matt, the discipline and behavior of a child is of great importance with a kid to become efficient in their education or studies. In Jaime’s case, it is not a problem hence; he is part of the honor roll in his batch.


Richard R. Matte and Jon A. Bolaski. ADHD in the Classroom, Part 1: Strategies for Behavior Management. Retrieved December 5, 2007 from http://www.selfhelpmagazine.com/articles/child_behavior/cfadhd01.html

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