This week, for your discussion, I would like you to think about the historical foundations of intelligence, and in particular about the ways in which we encounter themes of intelligence in the Bible.  (Trust me – They’re there!)

I would like you to begin by reading these two sets of verses – one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. 

Old Testament Questions:  Joshua Chapter 2;  Joshua 6:25

New Testament Questions:  Matthew 26:  14-25; 26: 45-54

Think about the story of Judas cooperating with the Roman authorities to furnish intelligence about Jesus and His ministry.  Please respond to the following questions:

  1.  How does thinking about Judas as an agent of Roman intelligence change your understanding of this set of verses? Was he acting out of merely a desire for money or was he somehow coopted for ideological reasons? How does it change your understanding of Judas’ decision to betray Christ and the early church?

Discussion board parameters: These initial posts must be no less than 350 words and no longer than 500 words.

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