Interracial sex and marriages 1 MIDTERM PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS ES3430- Interracial Sex and Marriage,..

Interracial sex and marriages

MIDTERM PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS ES3430- Interracial Sex and Marriage, Fall 2014 California State University, East Bay  Department of Ethnic Studies Instructor: Shaida Akbarian

So far, this course has critically explored Pre- and post-Civil Rights conceptualizations of race as they relate to Black-White interracial dynamics. As you’ve learned, a significant degree of overlap exists between the two time periods, such that historically dehumanizing forms of racism rooted in White colonization continue to circulate contemporarily within our social world—specifically, the media.
For this project, you will apply the knowledge you’ve acquired thus far regarding aversive racism to explore modern-day, media representations of Black and “Ivory” interracial relationships (e.g., Heidi Klum and Seal). Through the application of this course’s content, you will identify and deconstruct a (a) negative and (b) positive portrayal of a particular interracial couple displayed in the media. Both portrayals must pertain to the same couple.  Media sources need to be of Popular Culture and may be a newspaper, magazine, online article (e.g., TMZ, Inquirer), television show, or film—and cannot be an academic resource or be more than 10 years old.
Along with a copy of the resource, you will also provide an in-depth deconstruction per portrayal—one for the negative portrayal and one for the positive portrayal.  Each deconstruction must be at least 2 pages double-spaced (1 inch margins, 12 pt. font).
Deconstructions must be rooted in Critical Race Theory (as discussed in Lecture 1), and also be firmly supported by the course material. This means, you must anchor your responses with properly cited extractions from class lectures, readings, and films. Citations should be in MLA format. Please note: The Works Cited page does not count as a page!    Each deconstruction must address the following questions:
For the negative portrayal: o How does the media representation you chose indicate a negative portrayal of Black-White interracial sex/marriage? Deconstruct and be specific. o What kind of negative message is being conveyed regarding interracial relationships? Be specific.  o Discuss the ways in which the representation exhibits aversive racism to communicate stigmatization of Black-White interracial relationships. If applicable, discuss how the representation exhibits overt racism to communicate stigmatization of Black-White interracial relationships.  o How does the portrayal reflect historic ideologies of race and blackness?  o How does the portrayal reflect historic ideologies of whiteness?  o How does gender play a role in how the couple is being represented?  o How do you think an uninformed consumer would process the representation? —Assuming they are unaware of the information that has been discussed in this class.
For the positive portrayal: o How does the media representation you chose indicate a positive portrayal of Black-White interracial sex/marriage? Be specific. o How might the race and gender configuration of the couple play a role in terms of how the couple is portrayed positively?  o Is the positive portrayal geared more toward the White constituent or the Black constituent? Is the positive portrayal geared more towards the male or female? Or, does the positive portrayal seem to capture both parties equally? Be specific with your explanation and tie in concepts from the course.


o Explore using the Internet: Does the couple you chose to examine have a greater number of positive portrayals in the media or a greater number of negative portrayals in the media? If so, what are the factors that you think contribute to this difference? Consider concepts/theories discussed in the course.
Your project packet should be composed of the following:
Page 1: COVER PAGE   Your name, section #, and NetID  Name of both constituents you chose to examine  Their role in the media industry  Name of the resource   Year the resource was published
Last page: WORKS CITED- MLA format








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Interracial sex and marriages

            Interracial marriages can be defined as a marriage between partners from different races. According recent studies, interracial marriages increased from 2% in the 1970s to around 7% in 2005. This increase is attributed to people’s changing perspectives on races. Previously, interracial were discouraged as some races were deemed inferior to others. For instance, it was illegal in some parts of the United States for a white man or woman to get married to a black man or woman. However, this is no longer the case in today’s world as people have learnt to treat people based on their character and not race. Despite these advancements ………….


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