internet assignment. 3 – 4 pages long MLA format

Music Business Internet Assignment

Thanks to growth in Spotify and Apple Music, music streaming has passed the milestone of 100 million paying subscribers worldwide, a feat few imagined possible a few years ago. The US music industry is on track to record a second consecutive year of growth ? something that has not happened since 1999, the year Napster was created and launched at Northeastern University. Some analysts and executives are beginning to confidently predict a new golden age.

Are these analysts too optimistic? Keep in mind other industry experts say it?s unlikely the average musician will ever attain a middle-class lifestyle.

Please answer the following:

How is Spotify along with other existing and emerging music streaming businesses impacting the bottom line of recording artists, song writers, and labels? Who are the winners and losers?

Is touring one of the last remaining revenue streams for recording artists? What about musicians who don?t have a big enough following to tour? Discuss two additional revenue streams in addition to touring that are available to musical artists.

In recent years, the music industry has been waging war against You Tube, accusing the popular video site of paying too little in royalties. The conflict has often seemed tribal, with record companies and stars on one side, and Silicon Valley on the other. Update this conflict. What?s the latest? Any resolutions?

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