international organizatonal behavior

MT: 4

Part 1

Assignment: Values and Behavior
Across Cultures

International values and the
Hofstede dimensions, and after reviewing information on individual behavior,
select one country other than the United States (U.S.). Then research the
Internet to find additional information on that country. In your Microsoft
PowerPoint® presentation address the following:


Describe the impact of individual
behavior on business outcomes.

In other words, how do individual attributes like personality,
values, emotions and cultural differences (see Hofstede?s dimensions) impact
businesses? How might those things positively or negatively impact outcomes and
the achievement of goals?

What do managers need to do
differently when communicating with employees from the country you selected as
opposed to U.S. employees?

Discuss how managers can use their
understanding of differences in values and behavior to communicate more
effectively with employees from another culture.

Create a 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint
presentation (not including a title and reference slide).

Part 2

MT: 5

For the Assignment, you will conduct
research on the United States and two other countries cultures consulting The
Hofstede Dimensions from Chapter 5 for this exercise. Use the local library or
the Internet for your additional research, and then respond to the questions
below In a persuasive essay in 2?3 pages in APA format and citation style.

How do various factors of one?s job
contribute to satisfaction in different cultures?

A recent study attempted to answer
this question in a survey of over 49 countries. The authors of the study
distinguished between intrinsic job characteristics (having a job that allows
one to use one?s skills, frequently receiving recognition from one?s supervisor)
and extrinsic job characteristics (receiving pay that is competitive within a
given industry, working in an environment that has comfortable physical
conditions) and assessed differences between the two in predicting employee job

The study found that, across all
countries, extrinsic job characteristics were positively and consistently
related to satisfaction with one?s job. However, countries differed in the
extent to which intrinsic job characteristics predicted job satisfaction. Richer
countries, countries with stronger social security, countries that stress
individualism rather than collectivism, and countries with a smaller power
distance (those that value a more equal distribution of power in organizations
and institutions) showed a stronger relationship between the presence of
intrinsic job characteristics and job satisfaction.

What explains these findings? One
explanation is that countries with greater wealth and social security, take
concerns about survival for granted, and thus employees have the freedom to
place greater importance on intrinsic aspects of the job. Another explanation
is that cultural norms emphasizing the individual and less power asymmetry,
socialize individuals to focus on the intrinsic aspects of their job. In other
words, such norms tell individuals that it is okay to want jobs that are
intrinsically rewarding.


Huang X. & Van De Vliert, E.
(2003). Where intrinsic job satisfaction fails to work: National moderators of
intrinsic motivation. Journal of Organizational Behavior,24(2), 159?179.

For this Assignment, conduct
research on the United States and two other countries? cultures. Use the local
library or the Internet, and then respond to the questions below in a 2?3 page persuasive essay using APA format and
citation style.


Compare facts about each of the three
countries. How are these countries different according to Hofstede?

Determine which of the three
countries is most likely to have higher job satisfaction and motivation among
employees. What motivational theories are most relevant in each country?

Explain your answer and persuade
your audience using motivation theory
from the Robbins and Judge (2013)

Provide your conclusion, summarizing
your point of view regarding the above.

·  To complete this Assignment successfully, the instructor
must be able to identify where the answer for each of the three questions
clearly begins and ends (allow at least a several paragraphs per question). Use
APA format and citation style and be sure to use correct grammar, spelling,
punctuation, sentence structure, and that your essay is well-ordered and

·  Make sure to complete all three questions within this
Assignment and support your responses to persuade your audience.

·  The minimum page count requirement for this project is 2?3
pages of body text using APA format and citation style; this does not include
the cover page or the references page.

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