Internal Networking

I email my boss about this : Hello Brad,

Today, John and I met with Cheyenne and we discussed the three things Cheyenne would like to focus on improving as a leader. One of the things that she would like to work on is increasing her networking inside the company. John and I did gave her couple of recommendations such as observing meetings ( branch manager and ABM meeting), be part of DUE Committee, STAR program. Do you have any other suggestions on how to help her to improve her networking?

He emails me back with: Dani

What specifically do you view as Cheyanne?s top 3 strengths? What would be the best way to figure out how she can transfer (coach and develop) those strengths with others that may be in need of her experience which essentially would allow her to network.

Can you please help me with this queestion? Please good answer , this is for my boss. This doesnt need to be long, just 1 or 2 paragraph of good answer.

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