Integration Paper: Current Issues in SEM, science homework help

Throughout this course we have examined the state of current conditions that have impacted the field of SEM, the nature and state of the field itself, and challenges and confrontations that make our jobs more difficult as well as those innovations and technologies that may make things easier and more effective in the future. you should ask yourself and answer the question what else? What else should be included in a course like this concerning current issues in SEM.? Find an article or two concerning the issue and give some brief background and history ? but more importantly what is the current and future impact of the subject, topic, technology or issue that you have chosen within SEM? Such topics might include; (but are not limited to) racial profiling in terrorism investigations, electronic surveillance, use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs ) within the domestic US, validity of terrorism watch/no fly lists, the balance between security and privacy concerns in regards to domestic surveillance, etc. There are many possible topics outlined in the scoop-it link for recent HS and EM articles within Canvas, which you may use for ideas as well as recent events outlined in the mainstream news media. It is best to pick a topic that you are interested in or have some knowledge of.

  • final paper should be about 4-6 pages (maximum) in length
  • It should be written in APA style and format
  • All sources should have proper citations (and you should have in the neighborhood of at least three to five sources)

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