?Instructions for Student: Using the case study provided in Appendix… 1 answer below »

Instructions for Student: Using the case study provided in Appendix 1 , students are to address the 5 areas below as a means of demonstrating their understanding of all aspects of the counselling process.
Documents to submit: Upload written report to VU Collaborate
Assessment Task: Read the case study and provide your responses considering theoretical frameworks, professional practice and client rights.
1. Identify the client's concerns and issues. 2. How would you identify and address the client's immediate concerns? 3. As a counsellor, how would you work through the issues identified using known and previously unknown strengths? 4. Discuss how you would monitor the counselling process to ensure your client's needs and goals are being met. Also identify any barriers to counselling. 5. How would you ensure appropriate closure to the counselling process?
Criteria for Satisfactory Performance of the Task Your teacher will evaluate your work according to the criteria for satisfactory performance of the task listed below. If you wish to, you may use the "self assess" column to evaluate your own performance against each criterion.
Identify and promptly deal with situations requiring immediate action
Self Assess
Support client to identify and use known and previously unknown strengths
Monitor and review the counselling process with clients to ensure it remains of value
Proactively identify and work on threats and disruptions to the counselling process with clients
Plan, structure and contract endings appropriately with the client.

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