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This week we’ve taken a first look at the concept of ideology and the premise that language shapes social reality through discourses (symbolic hierarchies and domains) and practices (ritual/habitual actions), but how do fairy tales fit into all this? For your initial response, choose a fairy tale – it can be from this week, a previous week, or outside the course – and identify a way in which ideology (an unexplained assumption about the social world) finds its way into the fantasy world of the fairy tale. Finally, respond to three other posts (min. 3 sentences), addressing their view on the topic!

What to do: Review the instructions for this week’s discussion posting.



Answer the following questions and then respond to three other peer’s posts.

Provide an initial response that identifies the ideological content of a scene (an unexplained assumption about the social world)

For full credit: respond to three other posts (min. 3 sentences) that engage in a discussion/dialog.

Before you post: Think about the social and historical context of the tale – historical factoids that help explain the ideological assumption or practice are much appreciated!!!

Response Expectations

Initial responses should contain a scene that can be analyzed within a paragraph or two (half-page) and should not contain profanity or any racist/sexist/chauvinist content.

Peer responses should be respectful and courteous, though you may not necessarily agree, state your argument without invective and in a manner that encourages dialogue.

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