Inequality Paper

i write the draft , and i get some feedback from my professor, he give me some advices.

i hope u can do some modifications for my paper use the professor comments.


Dear Peer,

Interesting information you brought up, however, I was distracted by the misuse of formatting you used to try to increase the length of your paper. If I can tell you changed the margins and spacing, so can the TA’s and the professor. Also, you should add page numbers to any academic paper you right from now on as it helps the reader find their place. The title should not be multiple lines and I am guessing you were trying to lengthen your paper, so edit the beginning. I also advise that you do not switch from “%” and “percent” because it is non-consistent and inhibits the fluidity (paragraph 3). You have a lot of interesting information, but not everything is cited so please reread and double check everything has been cited properly. One formatting style you can change is from MLA to APA to help organize your thoughts and also help the graders follow along (that’s what my TA said to do). Lastly, do not be afraid to add graphs to help visually improve your paper, but be careful that you do not exceed 2 pages worth of graphs. In order to reach the page minimum, you will have to either write more or add graphs to aid in your presentation in addition to fixing your margins and title. APA format will help you incredibly in this, if you do not know how to write in this style just google it. Very easy!

Good luck with your paper!

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