In your essay, explain how children’s language development can be understood by drawing on the…

In your essay, explain how children’s language development can be understood by drawing on the theories of the early stages of language acquisition and development (nativist theory, behaviourist theory and interactionist theory).

Your essay should include the following sections: An introduction that provides an overview (about 10% of the total word count). In the body of the essay, explain each theory and give at least one language acquisition or development example (e.g. development milestone behaviour, function or phase) to support your explanation of each theory. A conclusion in which you will sum up the key points you have made in your essay (about 10% of the total word count).

Be sure to include APA style in-text citations and a corresponding reference list.


Supporting language development is one of the most critical roles for educators in both early childhood and primary sederstand children’s language development and the underlying theories that can explain the processes of language acquisition.


This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes: Explain children’s language development drawing on relevant theories. Demonstrate appropriate communication skills.




MUST FOLLOW THIS CRITERIA!!! High level knowledge of the topic is evident. The essay is professionally presented, and obvious care and attention has been taken in its planning, editing and proofreading. The essay is free from ambiguity and contradiction. Critical reading has been a feature in planning this essay. Insights and evidence (using scholarly and non-scholarly literature) are used to identify and expand claims. High level engagement with the literature (readings, learning materials) and wider reading is evident. APA conventions have been followed correctly in the citations and reference entries.


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