Implementation and Control 250-300 APA

In this week?s Learning Resources, you learned about the marketing plan, the idea that marketing should be seen as an activity that is interrelated with other areas of the business, and that putting the marketing plan into practice requires consideration of numerous factors. The marketing audit is a systematic, critical, and unbiased review and appraisal of the basic objectives and policies of the marketing function and of the organization, methods, procedures, and people employed to implement the policies.

To prepare:

  • Search online for a marketing case study or example on which to focus for this Assignment. Keep in mind that the case study or example you select must allow you to satisfy the requirements of the assignment.

Note: When searching for case studies, you may want to use a search engine such as Google. Be sure to search for key terms included in the prompts above.

By Tomorrow

Submit the completed Week 4 Assignment Template in which you explain the following in 250?350 words:

  • The role of the marketing manager during the implementation of the marketing strategy
  • How the implementation plan addressed or might have prevented potential customer complaints
  • The relationship between implementation and control
  • Approach(es) taken or that might have been taken to overcome specific implementation problem(s)
  • The role a marketing audit played or might play in addressing issues
  • How information technology was used or might have been used to improve implementation

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