Impacts of Drug Use Watch the film Traffic, u tilizing the DEA “Drugs of Abuse” journal article and.

Impacts of Drug UseWatch the film Traffic, utilizing the DEA “Drugs of Abuse” journal article and the DEA website, write a three (3) page, double spaced essay in APA format, on the “War on Drugs”. An academically sound paper will identify the various impacts of drug abuse in society.






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Drug use is a problem in many societies. For instance, in 1971, the then president of the united States, Richard Nixon, declared war on the same (Becker & Murphy, 2013). Given that was many decades ago, the war should have already been won if the proper measures had been applied. However, to this day, there remain to be a large population that still uses drugs and, as such, there is still a lot to be done to see to the end of the war. There are many factors that have contributed to the failure of the end being in sight some of them………………


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