Illicit Fentanyl research paper and mini presentation HEAVY REVISION

I have examples below of how it is to be written

The paper is suppose to be written in apa format however there are slight adjustments also included in the link, The paper should be block style single spaced and double spaced between paragraphs written professionally.…

Transmittal letter

title page


executive summary

table of contents

CORRECT visual

workcited/ reference


and if needed appendix

There is a proposal to base the report on, I do not expect a perfect written report (although needs to be error free, grammatically correct, formatted perfectly, and given alot of extra thought into a savory written report.) Better researched sources. cover letter title page and all that jazz shown in the attachment of poorly written directions, attaching audio of voice of how she also exactly want it

Report Assignment Identify an existing problem in your field of study or interest. Explain what the problem is, who it impacts, how it impacts this segment of the population (which you identified), why this problem is significant, and what the financial implications associated with it are. Once you analyze the problem you will have to research and propose a possible solution, and show how your solution makes sense and is an efficient and cost-effective answer to the problem. You will need to anticipate objections and complications, and to incorporate answers to questions readers will likely raise. The formal report must include the following items:? transmittal letter or memo? title page (which you must design)? abstract? table of contents? executive summary ? visual aid (at least one)? works cited page (apa)? bibliographyThe report must utilize at least six credible outside sources peer reviewed sources (credible internet sources, trade journals, books or publications from the library, publications from government agencies, professional publications, etc.). Much of this work should have been done throughout the semester (via the eight summaries). The report should include internal heading and use appropriate formatting (margins, font, font size, spacing, etc.). The report will be graded on research/content (information gathered and logic applied), format/parts (professional look and adherence to instructions), writing (clarity, coherence, and correctness). The report must be a minimum of five pages, which does not include the front matter, executive summary, works cited, and back matter.PresentationsAs part of this project you will give a short 5-10 minute presentation on your report. You should have at least 5 PowerPoint slides to accompany your presentation, and should be prepared to answer questions.

some sources to use

Krenzelok, Edward P. “Abuse of fentanyl derivatives: history repeating itself.” American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, vol. 74, no. 8, 2017, p. 556. Health Reference Center Academic, Accessed 20 Nov. 2018.

Creppage, K. E., Yohannan, J., Williams, K., Buchanich, J. M., Songer, T. J., Wisniewski, S. R., & Fabio, A. (2018). The Rapid Escalation of Fentanyl in Illicit Drug Evidence in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 2010-2016. Public Health Reports, 133(2), 142?146.

How it is suppose to be written:…

Oh oh oh! for the 5-6 powerpoints is there a possibility to condense this information.

For the presentation I want to use a tootsiepop analogy.

the stick represents the manufacturer, the candy on the outside represents any drug (heroine, oxycotin, xanax) that the manufacturer uses in order to mix with fentanyl to sell, and the tootsie in the middle is the fentanyl itself.

I want to start off the presentation with questions of who has health insurance, who has mental health problems used both resources and realized they either do not help or realize how expensive they are.

Resulting in buying the drugs to self medicate however, not realizing the risks of doing so.

Describing what fentanyl is where it came from who made it why the population has grown and who is responsible for the popularity of it now ( mexican cartel buying from china and producing the drugs to sell) and how dangerous it is compared to other drugs.

Those who have been affected by it in the united stated and what we can do to stop it.

Explaining how many people that have died are just statistic and now people only care about the risks because of big names that have fallen these recent years ( mac miller, prince, lil peep) It’s just unfortunate that it isn’t just fentanyl people do not realize that the drugs they take like in lil peeps case, he would exploitation-ally take xanax but didn’t realize that the next batch he took contained fentanyl resulting in his over dose.

nalaxone and better prepared clinics and mental health serves for younger individuals and maybe and eventually better insurance for older. (or something like that.) Main purpose is trying to explain that we need to be more aware of the drugs to purchase and help those with either addicition or mental health problems or even trying to help with pain issues.

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