If you are a parent, would you punish your child? What are your thoughts about using punishment to c

If you are a parent, would you punish your child? What are your thoughts about using punishment to change someone’s behavior? Why or why not would you use punishment?Your answer should be 2 pages, double spaced. Please respond to at least 2 others.Student A’s opinion.Would I punish or not? I do believe in establishing boundaries early on with children. To me small children are a lot more receptive to learning what is acceptable behavior. There are many ways to discipline children. It really depends on the child, for some children positive reinforcement is enough. The video part of the week’s lesson highlights the need for consequences in order for learning to occur. I do agree with punishments overall the type of punishment should be equal to the wrong doing.I don’t have children, but I was raised being punished. I would either loose privileges or have to do extra chores around the house. I would also have positive reinforcement when I did what I was asked to do. For me, this was an effective way to be introduce the ways of the real world. Parents are trying to prepare their kids for all the trials and tribulations of life. Parenthood is not about being friends with your child while they are young. It is your responsibility to give your child the tools they will need, so that once they are on their own or when you’re not around they know what is the right and wrong thing to do. It is best to give your child as many tools as possible, once they reach adulthood then you can be more friendly.I find that nowadays parents try to give children too many options. It is good to teach your child about the power that they have to choose what’s best for them and how to be able to recognize the difference. I do believe that to never establish any kind of boundaries is determental to that child in the long run. It is important that they learn that when you are responsible and follow through with the task your responsible for, you will receive the rewards. To receive rewards when you haven’t completed the task, or not trying your best then why should you receive any positive reinforcement?Don’t get me wrong when I say I agree with punishments I don’t mean beatings or breaking down a child’s personality to mold it to what the parent prefers. Like I said every child is very different, and have their own personality. There is absolutely a difference between discipline and abuse. The key is to learn how to give more positive reinforcements vs punishments. If you start to establish these things early on, it really helps you and the child later on in the teenage years and into young adulthood. Children of course will always test boundaries and attempt to get away with things, that’s to be expected. I think what’s more important is to establish a strong connection with children so that even if you are punishing them they still understand why it’s happening and that at the end of the day you are on their side and rotting for them to succeed.——————————————————————————–Student B’s opinion.Being a first generation American, I was definitely disciplined differently growing up than many of my childhood friends. I feel it’s pretty common knowledge that foreign parents are known to be more strict disciplinarians with their children than Americans. My curfew was always earlier than everyone else, my grades could always be better ever though I was on the honor roll, and to follow the rules or you will absolutely be punished. Although at the time I didn’t appreciate being punished constantly for being out of line, I realize now that I’m older that this has helped mold me into the respectful person I am today.There is nothing that peeves me more than a parent who doesn’t teach their children manners or respect. We all have seen this parent in our lifetime: the parent who’s child is screaming on the top of their lungs because their mother isn’t allowing them to get a new toy, the child who is allowed to throw food across the table in a diner, or the child who kicks the back of your chair in a movie theater. Parents that allow their children to act like this disgust me. Perhaps it is partly because of my stricter upbringing, but as a parent I feel it is your responsibility to teach your child and to be an example of what your child should act like as well as punishing and showing discipline when necessary.If a child is raised without punishment, the likelihood the child will become a respectful, well-mannered, and well-adapted member to society is slim to non-existent. They will more than likely have difficulty abiding by laws and respecting authority. As members of society that abide by law, we know that not following these rules will likely lead us to a life in prison. In all matters of life we are all held accountable for our actions where this is potential for punishment to be used, whether because we broke curfew as a teenager or to be suspended from a job. Although it can be deemed unfair to be punished, it is necessary to keep order in any society.If punishment didn’t exist, there would be no repercussion to crimes. What would stop people from assaulting one another or even killing each other over a minor disagreement? We would live in a society with a mass increase of danger. We wouldn’t be able to feel safe in our own homes and would likely be very skittish and trust no one. I feel this would create war within groups who never had war and would leave society incapable of being functional.Using punishment to alter someone’s behavior is acceptable depending on the means of why. To simply punish for the sake of feeling empowered is sickening and to do so in my opinion, sounds terroristic. If constructive punishment is used to learn from your mistakes and to make a wiser decision in the future, then I find punishment an asset to mold youths and adults into upstanding citizens. For the sake of balance and order in society, punishment is as necessary as praise is when positive actions are performed.

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