identify the problems or trends and patterns in their area of interest in a chosen company

The idea of this project is to familiarize MBA candidates with the industry and area of expertise.
The project allows the opportunity to address problems or opportunities in various facets of
industry domains as well as fields of interest (Finance, Marketing and so on).
Candidates will be expected to use data to identify the problems or trends and patterns in their
area of interest. The process of identifying patterns or trends would be primarily based on the use
and analytics of data using various tools and techniques discussed in the class. The candidates
should be able to explain the significant changes in their data. Candidates may use other
techniques (subject to approval).
1.0 Introduction (~400)
1.1 Introduction
? Discuss the background of the analysis/research
? Explain the relevance to the industry or company used in the analysis in
conjunction with the current business environment
? In a paragraph explain the purpose of the research, the relevance of the problem
to the current business environment
1.2 Scope and Objectives (deliverables)
? Scope: Clarify the scope of the analysis or research
? Objectives: clearly state the objective (similar to a research statement)
2.0 Background Research/Literature Review (~600-800)
2.1 Business
? Use more than 3 reputed media articles/opinions
? The articles/opinions must be associated with the area of analysis/research and
should be cohesively analyzed

3.0 Methodology (~300)
3.1 Data
? Discuss the data** collected
? There must be at least 15 observations
? Explain how does it relate to the research/Analysis
? Mention the time frames and sources of the data
3.2 Tools/Analytics
? Mention the tools and techniques used to analyze the data
? Explain how it addresses the analysis or research
4.0 Analysis (~1200-1500)
? Align this section with 3.2 and explain how the data was analyzed

Note changes in tools or methodology (if any)
4.1 Analysis
? Elaborate the results found in 4.1 and explain how it addresses the objectives
? Explain how the results are in conjunction to section 2.0
? Graphs and explanation
5.0 Conclusion (~200-300)
? Use sections 2, 3, and 4 and provide conclusive remarks
? Provide solution to the problem along with some empirical evidence
Key Points
Grade allocation
Format (font type, size, tables, charts) 20
Analysis 35
Overall content 25
Creativity in presenting the data 10
APA (in text citations, reference page) 10
3,000 words (excluding tables, graphs, bibliography and appendix) (± 10%)
APA style paper and referencing
**Note: minimum 15 observations ? 15 weeks, 15 months, 15 quarters and so on.

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