Identify 2 strategies you would implement to ensure documentation can be shared with families… 1 answer below »

Part 2 – Reflective Questions Identify 2 strategies you would implement to ensure documentation can be shared with families Identify 2 confidentially practices you would need to consider to ensure that information was shared appropriately.
Unit Code/Title: CHCECE023 Analyse Information to Inform Learning For further information about this Unit of Competency go to: Note: Direct workplace observations (during Vocational Placement) for CHCECE023, with be co- assessment with CHCECE024 Design and implement the curriculum to foster children's learning and development, CHCECE022 Promote children’s agency, CHCECE017 Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in early childhood Work samples(These may be drawings, paintings, craft, digital photographs of children’s play and construction and children’s voices) ? Comments child makes related to the work sample collected which happen naturalistically. ? Analyse observations of children’s behaviour and learning ? Children’s voices recorded or written within sample ? Links to EYLF outcomes ======2nd part PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE AND ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION This assessment has been designed to allow you to demonstrate: This assessment gives you the opportunity to: ? collected and documented observations of at least three different children, including: ? children’s behaviour and learning ? children’s play preferences ? strengths, interests and relationships ? applied information to educational practice, including: ? sharing information with families, educators, children, experts and specialists ? collaborating with families to plan for children’s individual needs ? using information gathered to inform planning

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