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Choose two stories out of the 4 of what u want to write on…………….. The Tale of Genji, Journey of the West, Canterbury Tales, and Noh Drama

this assignment is due today. Just a short essay nothing to big. Dont worry about page numbers

  1. Using two of the four pieces from this module and AMPLE examples from the works (USE PAGE NUMBERS), discuss the role of women in the Medieval ages.
  2. Be sure to include their role in the Noh Drama plays when discussing Japanese culture.

i.Also include reference to both the lower class and upper class noting how their role in the home and outside the home has changed considerably, even within the Medieval time period.

  1. Because several of these works reference religious roles, be sure to include the view of women in the church. In addition, include reasons as to why there are no women in ?The Journey to the West.?

Yes, you can use John Green?s video as well as the link to Invitation to the World of Literature as a source in your paper. The outline above is simply a guideline. Other, pertinent information, can and should be added to this essay.

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