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  • For your final project you will write a research paper in APA style. (See detailed directions below for formatting and remember you can view the APA video in the Start Here section.)Your completed paper will be due on Sunday night, the last night of Week 3 at 11:59 PM, EST.Your research paper will come from Chapter 12-Stress Adjustment and Health Differences
    Your paper should cover the following topic:
    Disease Prone Personality and Self-Healing Personality
    I. Introduction: In your paper, please explain and define these two concepts of personality. 1) How is our personality related to our health?2) How does personality relate to certain illnesses? Explain how self-efficacy and resilience or other factors can contribute to good health.

    II. Personal applications: Discuss what your Big Five personality test revealed about your personality (from Week 2 assignment). Do you think your personality is more disease prone or self-healing? Why? Think about your family members. Do you see a pattern of either self-healing or disease prone personality there?

    III. Conclusion: What are your final thoughts on what you have learned in the personality class? What insights have you gained?
    **Please remember to use good scholarly resources. We already know what the textbook says, but find valid resources that add to your understanding.
    Grading Grid for Final Project

    Item Description
    Adequately covers the three topics using and citing factual information-Meets the required word count 40
    Uses the required minimum scholarly and credible resources (at least four) 20
    Uses proper organization, following APA style.
    *This paper should include a title page, and works cited list and use three headings. It should include parenthetical citations, and should be double spaced. (Abstract not required.)
    Spelling/Grammar/Posts word count 20
    Total 100%
    Final Paper Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):
    Use a 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font.
    Double-space your paper and indent each paragraph.
    Minimum number of slides in power point and/or words in paper. Include your word count!!
    Minimum of four (4) cited sources (one can be your text) using the parenthetical citations and the works cited page. Do NOT use Wikipedia as it is not considered to be a scholarly and reliable resource.
    Use APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material. (*See below for more information.)
    Make sure your name is on your paper and your power point or video. Include a title page and a works cited page (no abstract needed).
    Minimum word count 1200 words

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