I need it by Friday and it need to be 300 words.

  • For this week’s discussion it will be helpful to review Chapter 1 pages 1-16.
    What is meant by “personality”? Friedman and Schustack (2016) state, ”personality has eight key aspects, which together help us understand the complex nature of the individual” (p. 2). Consider the eight key aspects that are mentioned in this week’s reading (p.5). If you have not already, this is also a good time to watch this week’s movie moment in which Dr. Tangen presents a similar list.
  • For your discussion post answer these questions. What do you think personality is and consists of? With which of the eight perspectives do you most agree or disagree? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of these perspectives? Do you think that the development of our personality leans more toward nature (the way we are born and our genetics) or nurture (the way we are raised and the environment in which we live).
    *Remember that you need to cite a source in this post. This can be factual information from your text or from another resource that you use in forming your opinion. You need to support your point of view using parenthetical citations giving credit to your sources.

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