I need a report 4 pages long about an industrial accident called the Bhopal disaster

The Bhopal disaster and its consequences

Perform a
review about ?
The Bhopal disaster
? and the health effects of exposure to the disaster, the legal
response, the lessons learned and whether or not these are put into
practice in terms of industrial
development, environmental management and public health.

Brief description of Incident:
On December 3 1984, more than 40 tons of methyl isocyanate gas leaked
from Union Carbide Corporation’s chemical plant in Bhopal in the s
tate of Madhya Pradesh, India,
immediately killing at least 3,800 people and causing significant morbidity and premature death for many
thousands more.

Instructions for report:
Follow guide lines provided in written report guidelines, provided as a separa
document. A brief summary is provided here:

Report has to
be less than 5
pages and submitted as a hardcopy in the class. It has to type
d (no hand

written documents
. L
ture references on the subject should be i
ncluded, if
Every reference cited in the text should appear as a full citation in the Reference section.
Figures taken
from books or the Web must be cited; failure
to do so is considered plagiarism.

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