I need a proposal for my paper and 8-10 sources which relates to my topic.

Please provide a list of 8-10 academic sources for your project. For each, put in the bibliographic information in a standard citation format (APA, MLA, etc.) and provide one sentence each about the connection to your project.

The topic could be anything about a subculture.

For example, you could talk about an online game and it’s skins, or fashion brands and their websites, etc.

But please be specific and answer the following question.

Please fill in the following info about your final project. Refer back to lecture notes if you need clarification on these terms and how to apply them to your project. You should type in a short description of your subculture, and a brief outline of the following:

? object = what do you want to examine in your research?
? question = what about your object interests you, and why?
? lens= whose work is informing your thinking?
? method = how are you going to try and find answers to your questions?
? presentation= how would you like to display your findings to your audience?

You are welcome to use any sources from here.(my attached file, which is the summary of readings in the class) or you can use any other sources.

But they have to be academic sources.

I only need half page of my proposal but please do a good source list.

The proposal is for a 10-page paper so please choose a topic that I can talk a lot about.

Tell me if you are confused about the prompt so I can give more information.

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