I need 2 concert report that needs to be answered with the questions that I left below. It needs to be two different perform.

I need these question answered. The concerts can be from Netflix or YouTube. They should be Classical performs.

  1. Date of concert.
  2. Name of Concert or Event attended.
  3. Place of concert.
  4. Type of concert.
  5. The name(s) of performer(s), or group(s).
  6. Title of the compositions and dances (if included).
  7. Description of any visual effects (i.e., movement, dance, costumes, stage scenery, director, narrator, and so forth).
  8. Description of music using specific musical terms (i.e., melody, harmony, rhythm, texture/instrumentation, dynamics, timbre, and form).
  9. Why did you choose this concert? What did you like or dislike about this concert and its environment?
  10. Choose one composition that you enjoyed the best and explain why (please add the title, composer, instruments/timbre, form, tempo, and anything else that may have added to your musical experience).
  11. Carefully read through the list of what to look for below and make any additional observations.

Each student must attend 2 concerts


1 Live

1 Live or Online (Netflix, Hulu, DVD, Bluray, youtube)

3 Pages minimum

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