I just need Bibliography, Paper Outline Thesis statement and first paragraph 1. Assignment: 10 page.

I just need Bibliography, Paper Outline Thesis statement and first paragraph

1.Assignment: 10 page formal paper (exclusive of title page, endnotes, bibliography, appendixes, tables, and any images). Papers need to be drawn from a minimum of five primary documents and five secondary sources. Primary documents can be taken from online sources. You are permitted to use only one document per online source. Secondary sources must be from a UCLA library. You are allowed to take only one secondary source per journal or book.

2.Format Style: Chicago Manual of Style; Use of endnotes, no footnotes or parenthetical notes allowed. Quotes should not be more than 2 lines in length and the total number of quotes should be limited to a reasonable amount.

3.Paper Topics: You may write on one of the two topics listed below:

A.The labor of black enslaved children for their masters/mistresses

B.Each paper should have a clearly defined thesis that is definitively documented by use of both primary and secondary sources.

C.Papers should focus on a small topic within one of the two broad topics indicated above. “Big” topics or papers that skip from one issue to the other generally are too general or vague to earn an A grade. Turnitin.com:Your paper must be submitted to Turnitin.com by 12 noon on the day that they are due.

5.Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students found guilty of plagiarism will be reported to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.


7 hours ago





before start I need to explain what my professor exactly wants

this is my final which is due next week

7 hours ago

my professor send us a message and she want to do paper writing workshop tomorrow in the class


so she said bring a printout of your bibliography, paper outline , thesis statement and first paragraph with you to class


for my work she said you better use specific books for your primary sources and also go to UCLA library for secondary sources

7 hours ago

the book are: NEVER CAUGHT (Erika Dunbar)



RAIMY BOOK which talk about pricing




login details for UCLA Library for me to access the books:

for ucla library user pass

7 hours ago

username : arminkoleti

pass: UCLA123456

7 hours ago

just when you logged in put the option ( send me a push )



she also said try to talk about domestic child labor


Please show in your writing that I read whole books . she said she doesn’t need general essay .


tomorrow I will order the main work and I will give you any price you want for 10 pages.

Just please give me the best work ever


again thank you for helping me . Just please find perfect secondary sources from library


Oh I forgot to tell you it should be for this period ( 1600s-1850)


bro please consider the period time

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