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Chapter 5, Cyber Security, Compliance and Business Continuity.

Since 2010, damaging cyber attacks targeting classified and confidential information, trade secrets, and other intellectual property have worsened. Hacking or malware) short for malicious software) were linked to almost every data breach, and organized criminal were behind the majority of breaches. Cyber spies and criminals had robbed tens of billions of dollars’ worth of data from U. S. companies each year. Hacktivists destroyed brand images and customer relationships and forced the shutdown of the CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) web site.

As you read in this chapter, the mobile and socially connected infrastructures of this decade are more vulnerable to cyber attack. International, federal, and state laws and industry regulations mandate that organizations invest in cyber security defenses, audits, and internal controls to secure confidential data and defend against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

  1. Turn to page 117 and read IT at Work 5.1 Global State of Information Security Survey
  2. Respond to questions 1 through 4
  3. Turn to page 143 and read Case 2: Business Case – Army Deploys Androids, Securely
  4. Respond to questions 1 through 4

1. What three areas are organization focusing their infosec investments on? Explain each area.
2.2. Explain APT attacks.
3.What industries are at the greatest risk of APT attacks? Why
4.What is the largest perceived risk of cloud computing? Why is this or is it not actually a risk?
5.In your opinion, will the outcome of these Army and NSA projects have a big impact throughout government? On the private sector as well?
6.What are the top three concerns of the DoD? Explain why.
7. Do you agree that the Army and NSA deciding to allow the use of mobile technologies and to figure out how best to limit risks is encouraging news to the private sector? Explain your answer.
8.Research and describe the latest developments in the Army or NSA’s mobile strategy. Does the Army still restrict their mobile strategy to Androids? Site your reference materials in your response.

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