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In the organization that I currently work at, we are hunting for a new CEO. The current CEO doesn’t really get to know the individuals working around him or the clients that also work in the same building. Because of this, he doesn’t have relationships with employees and it is very withdrawn from the organization. While he makes sound financial decisions, he’s not a people person.

What I would want in a new CEO is someone who applies the transformational theory and leader-member theory. Building personal relationships right from the get go. This is important for first establishing a solid base for those you will be working with, but also understanding what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are. By knowing these things, a leader and best put his team members where they will be most successful. It also builds trust, when your leader understands you and counts on you to do what you do best. I would expect the new CEO to put something in place, for the management team, to start creating a more relationship based approach like the transformational theory.

Also, but setting this example as a leader, his management team may do the same. This spreads a great culture from the top down and helps an organization become successful from the inside. Currently, there is a lot of turnover in our entry level positions, because employees don’t have a positive culture to buy into. They are left hanging and it’s not very personable. With new CEO and using the transformational theory, this culture may change our turnover rates. When managers take value in their employees, it is less likely the employee will quit.

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