humanity and history Week #2 history 125 words each discussion “The Industrial Revolution” please…

humanity and history

Week #2 history 125 words each discussion
“The Industrial Revolution” please respond to

Identify at least two (2) harmful business practices that arose from the increased industrialization of American society. Compare these harmful business practices with similarly harmful practices in the banking, mining, or petroleum industries today.

“Creating Consumer Demand”
Please respond to
Discuss the manner in which the consumer culture developed at the end of the nineteenth century. Identify at least two (2) organizations that were instrumental in creating consumer demand, and provide an example of the extent of each organization’s influence.

Week #2 Humanity 125 words each question….

Discussion 1: Tombs and Monuments
Compare an aspect of the tomb of Emperor Shihuangdi with the burial tombs of other cultures, such as Egypt or Mesopotamia.
Describe something that surprised or intrigued you about the Terracotta Army site.
Explain whether you think the emperor’s elaborate tomb was motivated by power or religious beliefs.

Discussion 2: Representing Hindu and Buddhist Belief
Identify a short passage from the Bhagavad Gita excerpt that represents Hindu thought and explain what this passage means to you.
Analyze why early followers of Buddhism did not believe images of Buddha should be displayed, yet later Buddhists in China and Japan constructed huge sculptures of the Buddha and bodhisattvas.

Discussion 3: Cultural Representations in Africa and the Americas
Explain whether you see a common thread that unites early African cultures or whether you see these cultures as very different; refer to specific examples to support your explanation.
Speculate on the similarities in the monuments to the Sun god in cultures of Mesoamerica, South America, and Egypt.
Provide at least one reference for each question; that is the history work will require two, one for each while the humanity will require three, one for each.
Submit the work as two separate word documents, one for humanity and the other one for history
Use APA formatting and provide titles as appropriate for the work.



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