Human Resource assignment 1


See attachment for the textbook review.


Assignment #1 *

Write a job description used to communicate to job applicants and
managers what skills and abilities are necessary to perform the job.
Review the textbook and other sources to complete a thorough job
description. ALSO, carefully pay attention to sections 5-4 and 5-5 (including Fig. 5.5) for specific information and thoroughness.

* Develop it on what you would consider your dream job [If you are currently working in your dream job; come up with another job that you have thought about pursuing or would like to pursue].

* Ensure that you include the following: Tasks, Essential
Duties of the job, Administrative Information about the job/Hierarchy,
all and additional Responsibilities, Statement of the job?s Purpose,
Major Elements of the job, along with your complete description

* Submit 2-4 pages APA format – you will be graded on content,
connection to the textbook material, clarity, grammar, spelling,
originality ? see rubric in content tab online [Note that 2-4 pages does
not include your cover sheet or reference page].

NOTE: Go to a credible source such as, HR websites,
Government websites for sample job descriptions and review an actual job
description for help with formatting.

TIP: Can I take your completed job description and post it for possible candidates to apply!

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