human pot arts unit IV thread #B answer all questions


1. Go to Instructional UNIT IV: Critique. – Read and complete the #3: Hands-on Arts Experience. Follow the instructions contained in this file and experience the arts.


UNIT IV: Hands-On-Arts Experience

Your voice was your first musical instrument. Take a moment and think of the many musical sounds you can produce with your voice such as singing and humming.

Many people never have the opportunity to use their voices as musical instruments. Opportunity is a key word in the last sentence. Learning to use your voice as a musical instrument is like anything else, it takes practice.

Some people have the opportunity to learn to use their voices by listening to others, some learn by having instruction, some learn by participating in groups, and others seem to have a special gift or ?talent? for using their voices.

Like any other musical instrument, your voice can produce many sounds. For example, your voice can produce sounds that are:

High and low

Loud and soft

Fast and slow


  1. Select any song. It should be a song that is easy and familiar to you such as a church hymn, a folk song, a nursery rhyme, or even Happy Birthday.
  2. If you are shy, wait until the house is empty, you are in the shower, or you have taken a walk in the woods. If you love to perform, then there is no problem at all. Do not worry about your singing voice. You are making art to experience making art.
  3. DO NOT WORRY – about how your voice sounds. This is not about becoming a super star or critiquing you voice. It is about having an arts experience.
  4. Sing the song in each of the following ways:
    1. Fast and then slow
    2. Loud and then soft
    3. Start on a higher note and sing the song at a higher pitch. Then start on a lower note and sing the song at a lower pitch.
    4. Hum the melody of the song. Think about the melody without the words. Then speak the words of the song, and think about the song without the melody.
  5. Take a moment to reflect on these experiences.
  6. Now ? Decide how you think the song should be sung. Sing it again with feeling and emotion. – Take a moment to reflect on this experience.

2. Return to UNIT IV:-Topic B. Respond objectively to this topic by discussing, not your vocal ability, but your arts experience. Was your arts experience easy or hard for you to do? Did you encounter any problems during this arts experience? Did you make any discoveries about process and product? What did you learn from this experience?

Read the posts of the other students. Respond to no less than the posts of five other students by asking questions or commenting on their experience.

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