HUM/115 Assignment Points of View – (Can You Handle This by 4PM EST?)

Points of View

  • Resources: “Critical Thinking in Everyday Life” Chapters 4 and 5

While this assignment has two parts, please include your written responses in paragraph format within one single MSWord document. 

Part 1

~ In 150 – 200 words, discuss your opinion on one of the following issues:

  * Health care system

  * Climate Change

  * National Debt

Part 2

~ Find 2 articles written by identifiable authors about the issue you are discussing in the above section. Do not use Wikipedia. (Consider what you have learned in the readings and our discussions this week about credible and reliable sources.) How might it be helpful to find 1 article that supports your opinion and one that reflects the opposite viewpoint? 

~ After reading the articles, answer the following questions for each article (100 – 200 words per article).

  * Is the information contained in the article reliable? Explain.

  * Is the author(s) of the article credible or non-credible? Explain.

  * Has your opinion on the issue changed after reading this article? Explain

~ Be sure to cite and reference any sources from which you borrow ideas, even if you put those ideas into your own words. DO NOT use Wikipedia for any of your sources. Your paper should not go over 800 words in total.

APA Format

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