hpa 310: diabetic teaching plan paper

This week you will create a Diabetic teaching plan for a newly diagnosed adult or pediatric Type I or II diabetic. You will research all of the categories listed below and then in your own words you will create a document that will be provided to the patient using the elements below.

The purpose of the teaching plan is to provide a newly diagnosed diabetic with all the information they need to remember. The plan will be a tool they can refer back to when they need a refresher. The nutritional plan will be a guide to help them make the best food choices and decrease the sugar load on the body.

To gain the full number of points include detail in each area. A patient with no knowledge of these elements should read your plan and understand the elements without further instruction.

  1. Define the disease (Type I or Type II) – describe why they have the disease – what is happening in the body. If your patient is a child use appropriate language for that age group.
  2. Define – Hypoglycemia – signs symptoms
  3. Define – Hyperglycemia – signs and symptoms
  4. When to call a physician
  5. How to check blood sugar – describe, in your own words, how to use a blood glucose monitoring device
  6. How to use an insulin pump –describe, in your own words, how to use an insulin pump
  7. Community resource options – give two national/state AND two community in your area. ( I live in the District of Columbia and Virginia, US area)
  8. Nutritional plan – create a 3 day meal plan that covers three meals and 2 snacks a day based on the appropriate age
    1. Provide the portion size for each food category
    2. Give then specific foods for each meal/snack – include recipe if you like
    3. Example – if we were providing a plan to increase salt intake a daily plan might look like:
      1. Breakfast – breakfast burrito with 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and a slice of cheese
      2. Snack – Doritos and cheese sauce
      3. Lunch – Chicken fingers (3-4) and fries (8 ounces) with added salt
      4. Snack – popcorn with salt and butter
      5. Dinner – Frozen pizza (2-3 slices) with fries (10 ounces)

      Must cite all work including intext citation in MLA format.

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