How would you communicate social justice perspective and values to the market-justice leader


You are the Director of the local public health department. You are at a social event one evening with many political leaders and influential community members. You meet one particularly influential person who is an avowed “market justice” advocate (even if he or she doesn’t use that terminology). You introduce yourself. The person looks puzzled and replies, “Public health, huh? You know, I don’t know much about public health. What are you guys all about? What do you do? What are your values?” How would you respond?


What would you tell this person to communicate the social justice perspective and values to this market-justice leader in the community?

Discuss 2?3 of the principles on influencing others and surviving as a leader that you would want to apply in this scenario. (Chose from Develop Network, Be willing to compromise and negotiate, Building bridges through knowledge of other subject areas, Join and interact with colleagues in professional associations, Share expertise, Seek out expertise, Remain open to take advice from experienced people)

APA format with proper references and in text citations, no plaigarism

Pls avoid grammatical jargons and passive expressions.


NB You may find the sttached files useful

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