how Heda Kovaly depicts popular opinion under Communist dictatorship, assignment help

Write a paper of approximately five pages that answers the following essay question. In answering the question utilize Under a Cruel Star and an article by Kevin McDermott:

  1. Write an essay that assesses how Heda Kovaly depicts popular opinion under Communist dictatorship. Compare the information from her memoir on this subject to Kevin McDermott?s scholarly article listed below. Use the secondary source to probe the strengths and weaknesses of the Kovaly book as a primary source.

Kevin McDermott, ?A ?Polyphony of Voices?? Czech Popular Opinion and the Slansky Affair,? Slavic Review 67:4 (Winter 2008): 840-865

The paper will be graded based on the following criteria:

  1. Presence of a clear, effective, and argumentative thesis statement
  2. Effective use of evidence from the Kovaly memoir and the McDermott article.
  3. Critical analysis of the Kovaly memoir as a primary source and the McDermott article as a secondary source
  4. Organization of a structured and well-reasoned argument
  5. Fluid writing style that uses grammar correctly, avoids awkward sentences, and utilizes good topic sentences
  6. The ability to analyze and engage different interpretations of the same historical event
  7. Correct use of the History Department Writing Guide (Footnotes)

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