How does the conquest impact the native people?

Questions below must be answered and needs to be essay format with 500 words minimum, as well, as 12 pt. and Times New Roman font.

Use the documents for Assignment 2 and the Norton text Chapter 1 to help answer the question on the impact of the conquest on the native people.

How does the conquest impact the native people? Use the description by Cortez, the attitudes perpetuated in the woodcuts and the views of Harriot to illustrate your answer. How does the Columbian Exchange impact the native people?

To help you address the question, the following is an outline of points to be covered in the answer. (How are the native people described by Cortez (Document 1) and how are the ideas of Cortez perpetuated by the German woodcuts and engravings (Documents 2-3)? Compare the views of Cortez with those expressed by Thomas Harriot in the quote found in Chapter 1 on page 24 of the Norton text.) Conclude with an analysis of the long range impact of the ideas of Cortes, Harriot and the Columbian Exchange on the native people.

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