How Cognitive Information Processing, Motivation and Self-Regulation… 1 answer below »

I have added some definitions and keywords to my paper I would like for you to write off of. What I need is a very short concise but through summary of the cognitive information progress, meaningful learning, schema theory, motivation and self-regulation. then provide a very brief summary of the theorist intended purpose and how it applied to teaching and learning. (if it has not say it has not)
Clearly and thoroughly addresses ALL of the following: (1) Presents an equitable critique of the theory or theories, their key points, and/or "real world" applicability, including an appropriate mix of both strengths and weaknesses of each theory; (2) Provides adequate justification for the writer's opinions,both critical and positive, about the theory/theories; and (3) Addresses multiple theories, criticisms, and praise clearly, using an effective organizational structure. Clearly restates the writer's/presenter's opinion about the theory/theories and concludes the review.Includes recommendations for how the theories could be improved or more appropriately applied to support teaching and learning. (in 2pages only)

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