History and philosophy Medicine and Dentistry public health.

Medicine and Public Health in Middle Ages and Renaissance


Magner, L. (1992). A history of medicine. New York: Marcel Dekker.

Read Sections: ?The middle ages?, ?Islamic medicine?, ?Medicine and the Renaissance?.

This is my topic: U.S. Public Health from 18th to 20th century



Core competencies and Essential Services of Public Health


click: View list of core competencies divided out by the Essential Public Health Services

Duffy, J. (1992). Public health in a changing world. In The sanitarians: A history of American public health. Chicago: University of Illinois Press.

Magner, L. (1992). A history of medicine. New York: Marcel Dekker.

Read Sections: ?The scientific revolution and the circulation of blood?

Rosen, G. (1993). The bacteriological era and its aftermath (1875-1950) in History of public health. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. 270-312.

Each student will prepare 4-6 written discussion questions based on the assigned readings for each class. Discussion questions will be evaluated based on appropriateness to the readings and application to current philosophies/theories.

In addition to the assigned readings, each student will perform outside research on a class topic/ era and lead the class discussion for that topic. You are to obtain at least one outside source of information and critique that reference. The critique should be typed, no more than two pages, double-spaced. The first part should be a summary of the main points in your own words, avoiding direct quotations. The second part should be your own interpretation, comments, and criticism on the meaning of the article. The final part of the critique will state how this literature relates to your professional interests/ research. Students will sign up in advance for a particular topic. The students assigned for that week will lead the class discussion on that topic.

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