History 108 Discussion Post week 10 (Response/Comment on classmate’s post)

World War II

World War II started in September 1st, 1939 with Nazi Germanys invasion of Poland. The total amount of deaths in WWII is roughly 70 million. The of any war that has ever taken place. Though the United states did not enter the war until two years after it began, their number of casualties were slightly above 400,000(Halloran). With the war starting between Nazi Germany and Poland, as time went on it began to encompass all of Europe, parts of Africa, Asian and eventually North America.

WWII much like WWI ended up splitting off into two separate factions. One being the Axis, the other being the Allies. The Axis being led by Germany, Italy, and Japan. While the Allies were led by Britain, France, Soviet Union and the United States. While the Soviet Union?s death toll nearly doubled any other nations death at 26.6 million, China who was attacked by the Japanese lost roughly 15 million (Harrison). While the highest number of deaths on the Axis side was Germany with a loss between 7-9 million (Halloran).

When the war began the United States had entered a period of isolationism (Ives). They viewed the conflict in Europe as exactly that, a conflict in Europe. Though as time went on, America found themselves slowly edging towards war. This all changed rapidly when the Empire of Japan suddenly attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The date that will live in infamy. With the United States declaring war on the Empire of Japan after the attack, they then turned to their Axis ally Germany and declared war on them on December 11th, 1941.

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