Historical Example of Canadian CJS

Identify, describe and analyze an historical example from the Canadian Criminal Justice System. Your case study can be a criminal justice institution (police force, correctional facility, court, etc.) or a government policy (e.g., criminal legislation). This example must precede the Second World War. For example, you can analyze the genesis of a particular police force, the creation of a correctional institution, or the introduction of criminal legislation or other criminal justice policy (e.g., criminalization of alcohol or drugs). After a brief description, analyze how this historical case study is reflective of the broader government social control and order maintenance policies of that era.

the break down of my mark in this mini essay will follow on:

-Quality and rigour of your analysis (ability to justify your answer through evidence, arguments and judgments).

-Evidence that you conducted research (in addition to the course readings) to answer the question, including proper referencing of source materials.

-Structure (answer is structured in essay format).- Proper grammar and synta.

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