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The first four questions are identification questions. You will define and state the significance offour people, places, events, or other terms in one paragraph of at least five sentences. Each response is worth 10 points for a total of 40 points.

To answer these questions, begin by addressing who or what, where and when?leading you
to a factual definition?the term was. Then conclude your paragraph by stating how the term is
significant to our understanding of history?answering the questions how or why. See an
example below.

Keep the following in mind when considering significance:
? Stating that the term is significant because it still exists today is not specific enough.
? Using Wikipedia definitions does not explain how the term represents class topics or
themes, nor is it useful as a class assessment.

Example: Middle Passage
The Middle Passage was the name of the sea journey of slave ships from West Africa to the
West Indies during the 1700s. The significance of this is that the Middle Passage not only
brought slaves which added to the growth of the population, but also brought diversity among
individuals. Another thing to note is that a growth in population also added to the amount of
commerce taking place in a given colony. Eventually, a classification system is created
revolving around race.

*Note: There is a list of identification terms at the end of this document.

List of terms for identification questions:

? Goths
? St. Augustine of Hippo
? Monasticism
? Clovis
? Justinian
? Muhammad
? Iconoclasm
? Abbasid Caliphate
? Charlemagne
? The Great Schism
? William the Conqueror
? Investiture Controversy
? First Crusade
? Saladin
? Scholasticism
? Magna Carta

?Avignon Papacy

? The Western Schism
? The Hundred Years? War
? Christine de Pizan
? The Columbian Exchange
? Christian Humanism
? Martin Luther
? Catholic Counter-Reformation

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