High schools across the United States develop individual school profiles across the United States…

High schools across the United States develop individual school profiles

across the United States develop individual school profiles in order to provide information to about their uniqueness and to provide context for the student transcripts being sent to schools and other organizations. Your assignment this week is to create a profile of the school/organization that you will use for your final project, as well as for assignments in Week 5 and Week 6. It should be written to highlight how the school prepares students for college and for future careers.

Your profile should contain the following elements:

Setting: Provide description of community of school, organization, or business; mission and vision; special recognitions; leadership; description of faculty

Demographics: Years in existence, enrollment, location (e.g., urban, rural, suburban), attendance rate, percentage of students on free or reduced meals, percentage of racial and ethnic groups, and other relevant information

Curriculum: Academic programs, AP, IB, specialized curriculum, academic tracks, graduation requirements

Student Achievement Data: State assessment scores; SAT, ACT, AP, IB participation and scores; graduation rate; college attendance rate for two-year and four-year institutions

Special Programs: extracurricular activities, clubs, organizations, sports

Within the above components, be sure to indicate how the Four Keys of College Readiness are addressed. You may write your profile in complete narrative form or in the form of a typical school profile, which might be sent to colleges.

The website  has resources for developing a school profile. Your profile should be at least three pages. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Note: If you are not employed in K-12 Education or Higher Education, talk to your professor about possibly substituting a plan for your organization where you can focus on professional development and training plans to improve the readiness of your clients and/or employees.

The information you need to help you identify information may be found on the Illinois report card website and the school I listed will be the school of study for this assignment. Added to cart

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