Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Entrepreneurship.A number of studies have been…

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Entrepreneurship.A number of studies have been carried out in order to explore the process of internationalization among SMEs and the importance and benefits of such moves. These studies have clearly depicted the internationalization phenomenon. However the performance implications of the phenomenon remain under explored. The reason why the performance remains underexplored is owing to the several motivations and goals that drive business owners towards internalization. Since each entrepreneur has his or her own goal for going international, it is not easy to study the performance of such SMEs in the foreign market (Carrier, 2004). Despite the fact that there are multiple motivations that drives businesses towards internationalization there are two main goals that are known to play an active role towards this practice. The two common motivations are achieving firm growth and improving the profitability of the business (Wolff & Timothy, 2000) states that firm growth remains the most important motivation towards internationalization. Two avenues have been widely used in the internationalization of a firm. These two avenues are exporting and foreign direct investment (Beamish, 2000). This paper explores the growth of firm through internationalization. To make this possible, the treatise relies on literature from journals that talk about the various avenues of internationalization, the motivation towards internalization and the implications and results of internalization in the various businesses and firms that go into it.This paper relies on scholarly journals and articles that explore the topic of internalization and business growth. A total of 20 academic journals that explore business growth through internationalization are used in this paper. In selecting the academic journals that are used in the paper, a Meta-analysis of the various business journals on the topic of discussion


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