Helping with my questions reading of two reading assignment

Please answer the question below,

When try to answer please be more pacific,

First the sentences should be a background information regrading the two reading, author, dates, location, who is the author

all information of the authors you will find it the readings. The date of the event, the location of the event etc then the rest answer the question with you analysis.


1. The ?Broken Spears? account describes how Spaniards revealed their greed in the Aztec capital. Detail one specific way that the Spaniards displayed this greed, according to the ?Broken Spears? account. Provide one contrasting specific example from Bernal Díaz?s account, which records the moment that Spaniards under the command of Cortéz realized they could acquire great wealth from the Aztec Empire. This answer should be no longer than 8 full sentences

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