Help writing Introduction for research proposal for Psychology class

Overall APA style

I need 4 scholarly journal based articles on racial bias and criminals.

More or less on criminals judged based on race.

Here’s one : px?direct=true&db=psyh&AN=2017-25165-001&site=ehost-live


  1. Opening statement/Paragraph: statistic or definition related to topic
  2. Research Question: What are the effects of race (White, African Americans) and attractiveness on perception in terms of severity level of crime, accuracy of conviction, and how dangerous people perceive criminal profiles.
  3. 1-2 paragraphs per article explaining how it relates to topic.
  4. Synthesis of Research question and previous research

Example: This past research relates …

Also discuss limitations.

  1. Hypotheses:
  2. We hypothesize that White/black attractive will score lower on severity, dangerous, and accuracy of conviction
  3. We hypothesized that Unattractive white/black will score higher on severity, dangerous, and accuracy of conviction.
  4. We hypothesized that Both white attractive and unattractive will score lower than both black attractive and unattractive.

IV1: White and African Americans

IV2: attractiveness : We will Measure attractiveness by getting a group of 40 to rate photographs on a scale 1-10.

We asked XX to determine their level of attractiveness.

Average score of 8 is good

Lower than 4 is bad

DV: Severity, Danger, Accuracy

  • We are measuring how dangerous they are. How accurate the conviction was and the severity of the crime. Measuring severity of crime and how successful they are as a criminal. We want higher score for ugly criminals and lower for attractiveness.

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