Hello caroline, Iam sending you week 7 Discussion question and Learning journal in CE220, 150 words.

Hello caroline, Iam sending you week 7 Discussion question and Learning journal in CE220, 150 words each, 2 references each..submit as separate word documents Discussion Question Childhood Diseases and Conditions and Food-Borne Illnesses In order to prepare for this week’s Discussion, be sure to review the “Fact Sheets on Childhood Diseases and Conditions” in the Unit 6 Readings (see pp. 138-147) and information on Food-Borne Illness pp. 472-479. Choose five childhood diseases and/or conditions from this list. Share what information you have learned about these diseases and/or conditions. Write a brief hypothetical letter or e-mail that you would share with the parents about a communicable disease or illness a child in your center or school has. What are four food safety guidelines teachers and parents should follow to prevent food-borne illnesses? ID: CE220-07-07-D

Learning Journal Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. Please think about the various learning activities you engaged in during this unit. In the Journal tab at the top of the page, write one page summarizing the following: What did you learn about the relationship of health, safety, nutrition, and health? Discuss how these areas are dependent on one another. ID: CE220-07-12-LJ

Hello Caroline, this is week 7 Discussion Question and Learning Journal in CE215 each 150, 2 references each..submit as separate word documents Benefits and Challenges of Student Centered Environments
Discussion Question What do you see as the benefits and challenges of a student centered environment? Do these benefits and challenges change with different age groups?  Explain. ID: CE215-07-07-D

Learning journal The “sequence of events” section of a lesson plan is the most substantial part. This is where the teacher provides detailed instructions for how the lesson will progress. It also relates directly to the objective, as it must be clear to the reader how the students will reach the objective throughout the lesson. You will be completing a “sequence of events” section in all three of the lesson plans you write for the Unit 9 Assignment. Imagine that you are a substitute teacher who is about to follow a lesson plan provided by the teacher. Write a 1–2 paragraph explanation of what you need covered in the “sequence of events” section of the lesson plan in order to facilitate the lesson as the teacher has planned. To begin this activity, click the Journal tab at the top of this page. ID: CE215-07-10-LJ

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The learning activities in this unit have helped me in so many ways. As an example, I have acquired more information on some of the measures that people can put in place to remain healthy. Developing healthy eating habits is the first step needed to remain healthy. When making food choices, Rastogi (2010) asserts that it is important for an individual to select a diet that contains all the required nutrients in right quantities or proportion.  From the learning activities, I was also able to ascertain the relationship that exists between health, nutrition, and safety. It is through good nutrition that people acquire good health and eventually secure themselves against opportunistic infections and illnesses. There is no doubt that maintaining a …

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