Healthcare Ethics Discussion

Reply to this discussion post. The reply should be 75-100 words. Include a probing question.

?Ethics can be defined as a way to examine or study moral behaviors? (Morrison, 2011) in a theoretical, community-base, organizational, or personal preference. When ethics is applied to health care it is essential considering that many health care employees are faced with life or death situations on a daily basis. Ethics is not to be confused with values considering that many people share different values and beliefs but principles to help guide health care employees throughout their careers. Codes of ethics for each health care employee may vary. Each code is used to ?identify expected ethical behaviors?(Morrison,2011) or used when issues may arise, assuring that the correct decision is made based on providing the best quality care and professionalism for patients, clients and health care organizations.

The health care industry is evolving rapidly on a daily basis and many health care employees have to make decisions that can not only put themselves at risk but also the people around them or most importantly the patients. With ethics being practiced within the health care industry, employees will not just base decision making on their own personal judgment but by applying the proper form of ethics whether it is organizational or theoretical to get through any difficult situation.

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