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Your assignment is to create and organize the categories and subcategories of information that you would need for an immunization registry database. For instance, in a larger category of "Patient Data," you might include contact information such as name, address, and phone number; demographic information such as age and gender; and health information such as allergies and conditions. What other patient data should be included in your database?

In a larger category of "Vaccine," you might divide an MMR vaccine into separate antigens, such as measles, mumps, and rubella. What other larger categories must be included? What challenges do you encounter in organizing the data? Refer to Chapter 22 of your course textbook for more ideas.

You may want to organize your information using tables in a word processing document. Include the following: An introductory paragraph detailing the purpose and parameters of the database.The organized categories and subcategories of data.The beginnings of a communication plan, listing the individuals and groups you will need to communicate with to gather information and ensure that you have the correct data.A summary paragraph which details the challenges you encountered in determining how the data would be organized.

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