Having identified a broad area of Employment Relations (Part 1), research this issue in the…

Having identified a broad area of Employment Relations (Part 1), research this issue in the Employment Relations literature – ensure you consult sufficient academic literature to gain good understanding of the topic, even if you don’t end up citing all the articles you have read in your assignment. From your research, discuss and critically evaluate the issue from a macro perspective – this might include (not limited to) a clear definition of the issue, information on its emergence and significance, its manifestations, the potential causes, impact in the workplace and/or wider society and implications for management/ER. At this stage do not refer to the specific example in your organisation or identified from news items, instead discuss the topic conceptually. Analysis Draw on your research and evaluation of the issue from a macro perspective to analyse the specific situation you identified in your workplace or news articles, providing well justified recommendations for how the organisation should deal with the particular situation it faces. Try to draw on theoretical perspectives in your analysis where possible. Ensure you demonstrate your sound understanding of the issue in general gained from your research and use this knowledge to analyse the specific incident you identified to provide recommendations for resolving the current situation and managing future occurrences. Your recommendations need to be well justified and supported with literature.

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